Monday, December 5, 2016

Filling the Freezer-Compound Style.

Mikelle's first deer
Today I packed away all the orange. It gives me a big sigh of relief to get it all washed and put away again until next year.  We can rest.  Well, as much as one can around here.  You see, it is tiring, back-breaking work, all the hours of cleaning, cutting, grinding, packaging. Sure, it is very satisfying to fill our freezer for the year with some very good sources of protein.  But, by the time deer season comes to an end, needless to say, we are usually ready to be done. And Done we are.  Until next year. 

Chicken Masseuse. 
 Due to the generosity of some great neighbors we didn't have as much freezer to fill.  We only processed 6 deer this year.  To top it all off we butchered 37 chickens yesterday.   As well as the 24 Chickens we had been raising specifically for this, we had some old hens that had quit laying, so we decided we would do those as well.  Knowing they would be too tough for anything, Aspen and I ground them into chicken burger. I was anxious to see how much meat we would get out of 13 laying hens.  9 and 3/4 lbs.  Yeah. Not sure that was worth it....there must be a quicker, easier way to debone raw chicken that I don't know of.  You tube that for next time. If there is a next time. 😏

Staying Warm.
Steve fried up all of the helpers a yummy Lupper (so called because of the time of day we got around to it) of fresh fried chicken and okra.  By the time it was all wrapped up, the clock said 10:47pm.


The Crew!

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