Monday, March 10, 2014

And the award goes to....

I have been meaning to do an update on our crazy fast paced life since Christmas-hey, at least I got a Christmas card sent out!  That act alone beats our 6 year "Christmas letter silence."  There are aquantainces who thought our van had drivn ino a giant sinkhole!  Ha! We can't seem to find the time anymore, maybe the kids will each be assigned to write a paragraph next year-expect a short, not newsy letter.  
In mid December we took a vacation.  We traveled down to Branson, MO to see the sights. After two hours on the road, some one threw up, we were sure the trip was ruined, as usually that can be a long drawn out process in this family.  Thankfully, it turned out to be a case of car sickness.  Stayed at a waterpark hotel, which sounds nicer then it was.  We had planned to spend our first evening sliding down the water slides, however after climbing in one we came to the conclusions that the pool was spring fed-from the icy cold waters of the local streams.  We maybe made it a couple of hours doing that before we decided we would go see Branson at night.  Bonus was we found a Krispy Kreme with the Hot Hot Now sign on! It may have been the first hot Krispy Kremes we had since our move to MO. We also had our annual family pportait taken at an old time photo place.  That was something different, the girls got to wear frilly dresses and the boys got to hold guns.  The highlight of the trip was spending the day at Silver Dollar City!  Aunt Michon & Uncle Rick spoiled us with an early Christmas package that said open now-it contained tickets for everyone's admission plus lunch with Santa.  We even bumped into some one we knew!  Uncle Tom, Aunt Rosa & little William suprised us and found us at the park.  Every one thoroughly enjoyed SDC, from the rides, the shows and the really cool night time train ride through the park lit up with Christmas rides.    After Branson we traveled though NW Arkansas, stopping at a famous thrift shop, riding indoor go karts in Springdale, and going to Tontitown to see if we could find the Duggars house.  We stopped at the park in town and the girls thought it was pretty cool to play at the park that has been seen on the show. The local Volunteer Fire Department was next door, so Denver and G checked that out.  We rounded out our trip with a stop at Carol & Henry's for a few days. We had a nice time catching up and visiting with them, brother James & Sis n law Linda, and their sweet daughters and families.  Such cute grand nephews. And of course no trip to Ada would be complete with out stops at Polos and Braums! 
We spent a cold Christmas at home, nice and relaxing.  The whole Giffee clan came a few days later for the Giffee family party. The grand DRG memorial goose went to Dan and Erin after Dan took the cake with a Hilarious rendition of "What Child is This?".  We kept the loser consolation duck decoy. 
This winter has been cold.... In fact what we had thought was enough wood cut and stacked to last us through spring is quickly dwindling down to nothing.  We don't think we've experienced a winter this cold and snowy since our years in North Dakota.  Of course this would have been a mild one there.  It is on the agenda to start cutting again... Very soon.  We have been busy with BB practices & games for Mikelle & Malachi.  They play on the 5th & 6th grade teams at our local Catholic school.  Mikelle is also in the school choir there.  Steve, Aspen, Denver, Greeley & I have been playing VB twice a week at the Y on a winter league, we have a fun time at that. 
And the award goes to....Back in December we made a quiet "little" announcement on our blog by simply changing the name of our blog from Ten Whitsons to Twelve Whitsons & Counting.  A couple weeks went by and we didnt get any blog comments, phone call or emails, we thought no one had noticed or maybe no one really reads the blog ;) until one day we heard from Aunt Deb who had just talked to Aunt Connie.  Aunt Connie asked her if we were pregnant with # 10, and Aunt Deb told her no & asked why she would think that, Aunt Connie mentioned the name change which Aunt Deb replied no... Its always said that.  Well Aunt's to your keen mind and sharp eyes!  Congrats on being the first to figure it out!! # 10 will be making her/his debut in late May if this momma has any say on it.  At least that is what we are hoping for... We don't have a May birthday yet! 

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