Saturday, March 15, 2014

A tease?

A tease, that's what today was.  Just when I think it safe to break out a sping style skirt, the weather takes a dive. After 70+ degrees, we are possibly getting snow tomorrow. However I am thankful for the tease! 
Since our planned trip to visit Mom, Michon & crew this weekend fell threw, we took advantage of the nice temps to work on building our raised garden tiers. We (or I should say Steve and the kids did) completed 2 very long beds (4'x38). After leveling, building the frames and lining with cardboard, they hauled and shoveled 10 truck loads of manure compost from Bachman Farms.  A shout out to Scott for the use of the secret weapon there, we decided we wouldn't have completed nearly as much with out it.  A great productive day! Here's load #10:
And here's the finished tiers:
We finished as the thunder & lightning rolled in, we were heading inside to clean up and scrounge up some dinner, when Aspen & Denver were called to a fire somewhere between Bedford and here.  They ran out the door to help the Volunteer fire dept they are part of. We're exhausted! Guess they found an energry reserve some where ;) 

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