Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thunder! Thunder!

Thunder is the theme today.  Our day started at 3:30 with one throwing up, we were to get up at 4 anyway had to make a decision as to what to do. Poor Caeli had to endure the trip not feeling good. She seems to be over it now.  While the big kids are at their first Thunder game with Steve and Uncle Tom, me and the littles are back in the hotel watching the famous Gary England discuss the current tornado outbreaks while listening to the thunder outside. From our vantage point it looks like the bad stuff is going to go south and east of us. Our old stomping grounds around Lawton have sure taken a beating tonight. Our old friends in the Snyder area are in our prayers. Speaking of which, we got to have a very nice catch up session with some dear friends this afternoon. It was really good to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Boo Niggly! I forgot to get a picture. But do have a couple of our travels here today, The Promised land, and the Thunder game! Uh oh! I am afraid Mikelle may be afflicted now....

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