Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lizzard kisses & tick checking

First Fridays are back for the year. Aspen, Malachi, Mikelle & Caeli were up and at their school early this am to get done in time to go to work with Dad and prepare. Denver got to experience filing and paying taxes for the first time....such a joy...not! After we 'filed & payed' his share, we baked a batch of cookies and some granola and headed to the refuge as well. We were able to write a note to include in a time capsule they buried tonight, that will be opened in 90 years.... That is if some one is around to do it! Haha! Malachi got kissed by a lizard, Caeli and Katie got a first friday shirt, and all got their fill of some yummy cookies. When we got home the girls like to check dad's head for ticks...that's the picture with the flashlight :) Zeta has even picked up the skill! Soccer & firewood cutting is on the agenda for tomorrow, maybe it will rain and we can take a drive in the south east direction...

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