Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Broncos Invade Arrowhead Stadium

Carrie and Steve attended the Broncos-Chiefs Game at Arrowhead stadium along with Tom, Rosa, Rick and Michon and some others.  It was a great time, we heard there was a murder after we left the game.   For some reason the Chiefs think a donkey and a bronco are the same thing, maybe that misunderstanding is why they keep getting their butts kicked by the Broncos! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Battle Ready Camp

Watch for Denver and Greeley in the Video.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Camp Gargano

The Winners of the drawing were as follows:
1. Beth Giffee-Crucifix
2. Katie Martinez-Cinamon Rolls
3. Chris Shearer-Mushrooms
4. Tom Giffee-Chocolate Chip Cookies
5. Henry &Carol Whitson-Twinkies

Consolation prize of Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies goes to the following for participating in the raffle:  Larry & Annette Bausch, Rick & Michon Coats

We are doing a little fun fundraiser to help send Denver and Greeley to Camp Gargano in Lincoln Nebraska this June 16-21. This is an expensive camp so to help assist with sending them we are doing a family and friends raffle with the chance to win 6 different unique items including:
20 of our last batch of this springs Morrel Mushrooms (Fresh now but we may have to dry them if they don't keep between now and June 7)
1 of Steve's handmade crucifixes (8"x14") made of old barn wood
1 Dozen of Carries Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
1 Box of Hostess Twinkies (1 of the few remaining in the world)
1 Dozen of Greeley's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
Photos of some items are at bottom of this post.

Rules for the Friends and Family Raffle:

1. Raffle is only open to family and friends.
2. Raffle Tickets are $5 each and you can purchase as many as you want. 
3. The owner of the first ticket drawn will have their pick of the items, the owner of the second pick will have their choice of the remaining 4 items and so on.  We will verify this by phone or email. 
 4.  The drawing will be held on Friday June 7. 
5.  All items won will include the item and shipping to the address of the winner or hand delivered if they are close.

If your wondering what Camp Gargano is you can visit this you tube link for a short introduction by Clicking Here.

BATTLE READY is an effort of the Camp Gargano mission to encourage and strengthen the body, mind and soul for the day to day battle.
It’s simple. As a man you were created by God to be a fighter, a protector, a defender. You say you’re a lover not a fighter. I say that if you love, then you will fight for what you love. You will provide for what you love. You will defend what you love. If you are a priest or husband/father then God has placed under your care other lives, other souls. If you are a young man who has not yet found your position then these days should be understood as a time of training. Most young men do not take this seriously which is why so many guys end up with messed up lives. Divorce, addiction, abusive relationships and destructive behavior are the obvious trainwrecks, and they’re everywhere.
It is your duty to fight for those under your care and that fight invloves much more than than just protecting them and providing for them in this world. The real enemy we face is an enemy of intense darkness. The fight we are engaged in is against a saboteur who seeks to lay waste to everything good and noble.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thunder! Thunder!

Thunder is the theme today.  Our day started at 3:30 with one throwing up, we were to get up at 4 anyway had to make a decision as to what to do. Poor Caeli had to endure the trip not feeling good. She seems to be over it now.  While the big kids are at their first Thunder game with Steve and Uncle Tom, me and the littles are back in the hotel watching the famous Gary England discuss the current tornado outbreaks while listening to the thunder outside. From our vantage point it looks like the bad stuff is going to go south and east of us. Our old stomping grounds around Lawton have sure taken a beating tonight. Our old friends in the Snyder area are in our prayers. Speaking of which, we got to have a very nice catch up session with some dear friends this afternoon. It was really good to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Boo Niggly! I forgot to get a picture. But do have a couple of our travels here today, The Promised land, and the Thunder game! Uh oh! I am afraid Mikelle may be afflicted now....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lizzard kisses & tick checking

First Fridays are back for the year. Aspen, Malachi, Mikelle & Caeli were up and at their school early this am to get done in time to go to work with Dad and prepare. Denver got to experience filing and paying taxes for the first time....such a joy...not! After we 'filed & payed' his share, we baked a batch of cookies and some granola and headed to the refuge as well. We were able to write a note to include in a time capsule they buried tonight, that will be opened in 90 years.... That is if some one is around to do it! Haha! Malachi got kissed by a lizard, Caeli and Katie got a first friday shirt, and all got their fill of some yummy cookies. When we got home the girls like to check dad's head for ticks...that's the picture with the flashlight :) Zeta has even picked up the skill! Soccer & firewood cutting is on the agenda for tomorrow, maybe it will rain and we can take a drive in the south east direction...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Blessings!

Lots of excitement has been abound at the Compound this weekend. The Coats family plus Nana B came a knockin Saturdy morning and stayed for lunch and an indoor egg hunt. We introduced them to our newest arrivals, the little goat who for lack of a better name is being called "goaters", & "Gracie", Aspens's new horse. Yes, we have a horse again!! She is a 3 ye old paint. Very sweet, Aspen says she likes to nuzzle her head on your shoulder. We were glad they stopped by for a visit!
Denver & Greeley serves a beautiful Easter Vigil Mass, despite the, um, "events." G was put in charge of the incense, during the procession, the chain on the burner broke and out went the charcoal brick on the floor. He wasn't quite sure what to do, it melted right through the carpet. Poor G, he said all he could think was the church was gonna burn down on Easter Vigil and it was going to be his fault. All the while this was happening, Jacinta also scorcher her hair with the candle, and a guy a few pews in front of us dropped his candle. I missed all of this but did witness the man passed out a few pews behind. Poor man, been praying he is ok.
After Mass we cooked our what has become tradition bacon and eggs breakfast. Yum!
Today we planted a few trees, cooked over the fire outside (which was impossible to get hot because of all the moisture) and went for a nice hike. Steve came up with a solution (see picture) that i was sure was straight from Duck Dynasty! It did work! Wishing you a Blessed Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We have a baby goat!

That was the almost breathless exclamation from Mikelle yesterday as she burst into the house, sheer milli-seconds later big sister was racing down the stairs and out the door to check it out. Meanwhile I was still trying to verify what i just heard and figure out how she could hear that all the way across the house and up a level when she cant hear me from down at the bottom of the stairs screaming. Apparently we dont need that intercom, I just need to have Mikelle yell it. Haha! Back to the story....we weren't really expecting a goat, yeah we knew we had these two girl goats but weren't sure if anything had happened there. Denver said he was in the process of throwing the usual hay to the goats when he saw this little thing laying there on the pile. Two seconds later Mikelle was up to the house exclaiming the news. I guess she got the baby she prayed for. It's a cute little thing- a little girl goat. Everyone is excited to show it off to cousin Sammie this weekend.