Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where did July go?

We kicked off the month of July at the last First Friday for the year at Swan Lake NWR. The very next day we headed to Kansas City for a Homeschool Vocations Retreat. We had to give our personal Tom Tom a call to help us find our way (Thanks Tom) because our Tom Tom got us lost. We made it just in time to celebrate Mass with the Bishop Finn, and afterwards Steve gave me a blessing from the bishop for our 17th wedding Anniversary, which also happened to be that day. Katie and Caeli were brave enough to try on veils at the Retreat, and Caeli wore hers all day long. We spent the 4th at the Miller's home, had some good food and fun, with fireworks going off all around, even on our drive home. On July 5th we picked up two more goats, which is good cause some how during this hot month we lost two of our little ones. One we lost to bloat, the other to a severe case of the scours we think. Steve and Aspen have just healed our first goat from Pink eye and hopefully we won't have any more bouts of that, we are thankful it did not spread to the kids. All the sick goats, and we are starting to feel like Vets around here. Steve and the kids got the fence finished around Tex's pasture so they could turn the goats loose on all the weeds there. Tex freaked out at the thought of sharing his pasture though and ended up with a real doozy of a cut on his leg. Since then, we have seem him out communing with the goats a few times, not sure what he will do if they try to overtake his bar stall though.Tom and "cousin" Hector came to visit us for a week, they brought Rosa for a couple of hours before she was whisked away by Grandma to head back to NE for work. Tom helped remove garage doors, put one back up in the red shed, did some wiring and playing with all, including a trip to the river and lots of treats in Chillicothe The garage no longer looks like a garage, we now have a wall where once two garage doors were, and the siding is on the house. I think it looks pretty good, and it will be good to have the additional space. Aunt Deb and Nana B also made a misson trip to the Compound. Her hair was done in the traditional celebratory fashion (see picture below) by the inhabitants while here. Unfortunately, after playing games with the wild ones, and grading papers, they didn't have much time to cut and hang insulation in the garage. Michon, Sam, Evan and Caden brought us lunch one day and stayed for awhile to visit, it was good to catch up. We also finally got the pool pump up and working again, we have attached the salt water chlorine generator and now the task seems to be getting the water clean. It's very green from growing pond scum most of the summer, however the frog numbers are beginning to decrease since we started pumping the chlorine in. Caeli celebrated her birthday on the 26th, she took mom and dad out to Golden Corral. She is anxiously awaiting her roller skates to arrive in the mail, of course they can not come fast enough. We also had the annual Swan Lake crawfish boil, minus the crawdads this year, the dryer then normal weather made it difficult to find any . We have approximately 2-3 weeks until #9 makes her appearance. We have yet to make a list of names. Baby Baptism is scheduled for Sept 4, come if you can, and if you happen to come across the Bausch family multi-generational Baptismal gown under a bed or pile of clothes, or hung in a closet somewhere, it would be much appreciated. Maybe it will miraculously appear at the Bausch Reunion this weekend. Have a great August everyone!

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