Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Of course the month of June flew by, before I know it the summer will come to an end before it seems like it barely just began. Looking back at the month of June we were pretty busy. The monthly Parish Potluck and Vocations Prayer kicked off our month. Aspen and Denver have been working away from home this summer. While they are gone, Greeley helps out with the mowing, weedeating and keeping up with the girls. I think he much prefers the mowing. We had Grandma Beth and Aunt Deb come to visit and babysit the young guns while Steve, Aspen, Denver and I loaded up a bunch of books and headed to the Kansas City Catholic Homeschool Conference. While there we represented the school we go through, Our Lady of Victory out of Idaho. As always, we had a nice time and are already looking forward to next years. For Fathers Day we took a road trip to central MO and picked up a load of Boer goats. The boys in the family enjoyed a float trip to the Nyungau River with their Columbian Squires group. Upon their return the parish said their farewell to Fr. Tom at a hotdog roast. To end the month Kateri turned 4 years old, she wanted a Happy Meal from McDonalds for her annual lunch out alone with Dad and Mom. In between all the coming and goings, we have been working on ferociously building fence for our newest addition-the goats. We have also been working on enclosing the breezway between the house and the garage. We hope to have this first major fencing project done soon, and will begin working on making the garage a livable space of the house. I've also been fighting the pool, had it all the way filled once, started the pump up to start filtering the pond water, only to find we had a hole, drained it a couple inches, fixed the hole, filled it again and discovered we had more holes and then the pump started giving me troubles. At this point I am not sure we will have the pool running this summer. 9 is still incubating for about another 5 weeks, though I'm shooting for 6, August 26 to be exact, however I know there are many family members praying for different dates (August 19th, 29, and Sept 1) so the odds may be against me!

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