Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tom Came For Easter Hooray Hooray, Well Almost

Uncle Tom came over for First Friday at the Refuge and then spent Saturday at the Whitsons. He did the work on the chicken coup that we have been waiting for Deb to show up and help with. That just moved other things up the list for Deb. Deb says thanks Tom. Larry Bausch could come and see the new coup and eat some soup.

It is now one to one between trips to Toms house or here. When we go for the wedding that will put us up one.

April Visitors:
Tom, Beth

April No-Shows:
Mark/Katie (They went to Italy in March)
Dan/Arron (Probably still without transportation)
Rick/Michon (Hm, wonder what they're up too)
Deb (She calls when we eat except when she is here)
Larry/Annette (There is always a warm bowl of soup waiting)
The Millers
All the Whitsons from Oklahoma.
The Kelly's From Wyoming or Arizona or wherever they may be.
The Kelly's from Minnesota who went to Iowa to see Shelly who is a no show in April too.
The Bolkens whom we are planning on making a day trip to see within the month?
Lori whom we have been watching the sky for for months now, still nothing.

Tom wins! Tom wins! Tom wins!

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