Friday, January 8, 2010

RIP: Christmas Tree

Steve got a suprise day off today! He left for work, and returned home not even 10 minutes later. The snow was drifted at least 5 feet over the road. Later the snow plow came by, and he got stuck in that same drift!
Some of you know that I had decided to leave our Christmas decorations up until Candlemas, which is Feb 2. After the tree falling over twice, I decided it was time to take it down. From there, things just dominoed, boxes were out, so I just kept pulling stuff down, several hours later, the house was dusted, swept, and everything was back in storage until next year. Whew!
Aspen, Denver and Greeley spent a good portion of their day out in the snow! They built some really cool snow caves and they shoveled! They kept hoping the neighbor next door would see them, feel sorry for them and bring his bobcat over. That never happened and they shoveled the whole driveway. Steve cooked them some ribs for supper as reward! Update! It was only Aspen and Denver that scooped the driveway, Greeley kept their energy levels and body temps high by supplying them with all you could drink hot cocoa.
A few nights ago, Steve, Aspen, Denver, Greeley and Mikelle headed out into the cold for "owling". Next on the agenda was trying Snow Ice cream. Steve stirred up the cream while Aspen, Denver and Greeley went out to gather the snow - NO YELLOW stuff! It was a hit, especially with chocolate syrup.

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