Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day Visitors

All the Giffee Children made their way to the Whitsons on New Years Day for dinner and white elephant gifts.

On the menu is Turkey and Dressing, Black eyed peas, cinnamon rolls, chili, a special bean dip and lots of other items.

Uncle Tom was still struggling with his identity theft issue from a couple of weeks ago and came dressed as the uni bomber.

The white elephant drawing featured many gifts including toilet paper, wind chimes, Dave Ramsey Money Management Kit, snuggie, latern, rubics cube, calendar, somraro plus many more. The winner of the annual "DRG Christmas Goose" was Katie Giffee.

1 comment:

  1. You had the unibomber at your Christmas party? How cool is that?! We never have famous guests...or costumes, for that matter. We're so boring. On another note, our white elephant gift exchange was "bombed" by the much marketed snuggie (the blanket you put your arms in). Betcha didn't have any of those. Where I come from, that's something you DON'T want :-) but apparently the negative connotation is doing the owner of the patent no harm. There were three exchanged in our family this Christmas. On another note - I have 3 new suggestions for your game collection that are perfect for homeschool math (and an absolute blast for child and parent alike) Blockus, Cirkis, and the new Monopoly Deal. We need to have a "game day" and you can check them out. Maybe next week? We're headed to bible study tonight. Brrrr. Hope you stay warm!