Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas letter?

It's that time a year again. How can you enjoy receiving and reading those annual Christmas letters from family and friends yet loathe writing them so much? I've been thinking the last couple of weeks, it's been three years, we really need to crank out a letter this year sharing our insane adventures of a family of 10. I know there are acquaintances of ours out there that think we moved to the artic circle. Some people have given up on us. Just maybe I will get inspired to get it done, if so, I'll post the highlights here. Just Maybe.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Aspen Takes A Road Trip

Aspen is spending the weekend driving Mrs. Giffee in Columbia, MO and helping to watch the Coates kids. Everyone else will be attending a Home school group potluck Saturday evening.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colombian Squires Mass At Saint Columban

Bishop Robert Finn, Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City/Saint Joseph, visited Saint Columbans this weekend to say Mass with Denver and Greeley's Columbian Squires group serving as Alter Boys. The Squires serve together at Mass every couple months. Bishop Finn was invited and came to say Mass this weekend with the Squires. It was an honor to have one of the Churches finest Bishops with us, we are truly blessed to have him as our Bishop.
The Squires next adventure will be a float trip down the Nianga River in June. They've had two fundraisers and all are set to go.

Pictures From Malachi's Soccer Game On Saturday April 22, 2010, Enjoy the Slideshow!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Whitson Kids Bring In Big Haul of Morchella esculenta's.

The kids went out mushroom hunting on our property and found some mushrooms early in the week. This past Thursday they attended a mushroom workshop with other homeschoolers at Swan Lake NWR. While there they found lots of mushrooms.
They also rescued a baby bunny alongside the road by our house. This baby bunny has caused quit the stir around the house.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tom Came For Easter Hooray Hooray, Well Almost

Uncle Tom came over for First Friday at the Refuge and then spent Saturday at the Whitsons. He did the work on the chicken coup that we have been waiting for Deb to show up and help with. That just moved other things up the list for Deb. Deb says thanks Tom. Larry Bausch could come and see the new coup and eat some soup.

It is now one to one between trips to Toms house or here. When we go for the wedding that will put us up one.

April Visitors:
Tom, Beth

April No-Shows:
Mark/Katie (They went to Italy in March)
Dan/Arron (Probably still without transportation)
Rick/Michon (Hm, wonder what they're up too)
Deb (She calls when we eat except when she is here)
Larry/Annette (There is always a warm bowl of soup waiting)
The Millers
All the Whitsons from Oklahoma.
The Kelly's From Wyoming or Arizona or wherever they may be.
The Kelly's from Minnesota who went to Iowa to see Shelly who is a no show in April too.
The Bolkens whom we are planning on making a day trip to see within the month?
Lori whom we have been watching the sky for for months now, still nothing.

Tom wins! Tom wins! Tom wins!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aspen Gets Her Drivers Learning Permit

After weeks of studying, Aspen went into the DMV, stood in line, took the test, passed it, and received her brand new Drivers Permit from the State of Missouri. Her Aunt Deb is supposed to be getting us info on a defensive driving course for next summer. She will be driving around the countryside chauffeuring her mom and dad while developing new skills behind the wheel. Maybe her Uncle Larry can come over, eat some soup and go for a ride.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Greeley Wins Award

Greeley was awarded the Missouri Knights of Columbus Youth of the Month for November/December. He is now in competition for the Knights of Columbus Youth of the Year for the State of Missouri.

Here is a link to the page with his information.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Update, Just For Uncle Larry

Since the Pied Piper we've been riding out he end of winter. Finally by the end of February all the snow had melted. All the kids volunteered to help Dad at the Refuge with the Swing the Gates Open Day on March 6.
The Boys raised money with the Colombian Squires Group by pumping gas at the local Hyvee Gas Station. They are planning a float trip down the Nyunga River next June.
We'll be headed to Columbia on Friday to see Michon's new arrival, we suspect no matter the plans that it will be born on Saturday March 13.
I have to go to work now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Pied Piper

The Missoula Children's Theater came to Chillicothe this week to perform the Pied Piper. Aspen, Denver and Greeley all tried out for parts. Denver and Greeley got roles, Denver is a cook and Greeley a towns person. They will be rehearsing all week and hit the stage next Saturday.

Saturday finally came after all the practices.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

March for Life in Washington DC

March for Life

Steve, Aspen, Denver and Greeley traveled to Washington DC with a group from Saint Columbans Catholic Church to attend the 37th Annual March For Life. Here you can see Fr. Tom and the rest of the St. Columban's group marching, there were 32 in our group all together. We are the ones in the maroon stocking caps.

Steve, Aspen and Denver arrived at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington DC at 6:30 am after almost 24 hours on a bus. They attended daily Mass there before heading off to see many famous sights around the Washington Mall including a trip up the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, World War II Memorial and a few hours in the Museum of American History. We all went to eat at Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday Night.

Friday morning we got up and went on a tour of the US Capitol Building. After that we line up in the March and March down the Mall up Capitol Hill and to the Supreme Court with close to 400,000 other people from all over the country. After the March for Life we all walked down to Union Station and ate supper. The bus then picked us up and we drove straight through back to Chillicothe at 3 PM Saturday afternoon where we had Mass with the Group.

Julia's Kitchen, a scene right out of the movie:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

State Geography Presentations

The Kids Home School group had state presentations this week. Aspen and Mikelle's presentation was over the State of Wyoming. Denver, Greeley, and Malachi presented Colorado. They all did very good. After the presentations they spent time moving from different activity stations learning about North American Geography. We all spent the afternoon at the YMCA, with the Millers, swimming and playing basketball.

Friday, January 8, 2010

RIP: Christmas Tree

Steve got a suprise day off today! He left for work, and returned home not even 10 minutes later. The snow was drifted at least 5 feet over the road. Later the snow plow came by, and he got stuck in that same drift!
Some of you know that I had decided to leave our Christmas decorations up until Candlemas, which is Feb 2. After the tree falling over twice, I decided it was time to take it down. From there, things just dominoed, boxes were out, so I just kept pulling stuff down, several hours later, the house was dusted, swept, and everything was back in storage until next year. Whew!
Aspen, Denver and Greeley spent a good portion of their day out in the snow! They built some really cool snow caves and they shoveled! They kept hoping the neighbor next door would see them, feel sorry for them and bring his bobcat over. That never happened and they shoveled the whole driveway. Steve cooked them some ribs for supper as reward! Update! It was only Aspen and Denver that scooped the driveway, Greeley kept their energy levels and body temps high by supplying them with all you could drink hot cocoa.
A few nights ago, Steve, Aspen, Denver, Greeley and Mikelle headed out into the cold for "owling". Next on the agenda was trying Snow Ice cream. Steve stirred up the cream while Aspen, Denver and Greeley went out to gather the snow - NO YELLOW stuff! It was a hit, especially with chocolate syrup.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day Visitors

All the Giffee Children made their way to the Whitsons on New Years Day for dinner and white elephant gifts.

On the menu is Turkey and Dressing, Black eyed peas, cinnamon rolls, chili, a special bean dip and lots of other items.

Uncle Tom was still struggling with his identity theft issue from a couple of weeks ago and came dressed as the uni bomber.

The white elephant drawing featured many gifts including toilet paper, wind chimes, Dave Ramsey Money Management Kit, snuggie, latern, rubics cube, calendar, somraro plus many more. The winner of the annual "DRG Christmas Goose" was Katie Giffee.