Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visitors Arrive Bearing Gifts

Uncle Dan and his girlfriend Erin visit from Columbia

Dan and Erin drove up from Columbia, Missouri for a visit. They got to spend time traveling with the Whitsons to Chillicothe for Malachi's dental appointment and birthday shopping for Carrie. We ended up having to pull the Van out of our driveway with the pickup. Erin proclaimed "It was quite the experience".

Breaking News

Mikelle Maria Eats a Lego

Yesterday Mikelle swallowed a small lego piece that Malachi got for Christmas. It was quite the traumatic experience for her but she seems to be doing fine today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Snowed in with Aunt Deb and Grandma Beth

We ended the Advent Season on Christmas with the procession through the house singing carols and placing the baby Jesus in the Creche.

Our Christmas Day started off with Steve, Carrie, Aspen, Denver, Greeley and Malachi braving the Icy roads to Saint Columbans for Midnight Mass. It was worth the slippery drive as Mass was beautiful. Denver and Greeley served along with five other boys from their Columbian Squires group at Midnight Mass. The rest of the kids stayed home with Aunt Deb and Grandma Beth and slumber partied while waiting for Jolly ole' Saint Nick. The Midnight Mass crew finally made it back home around 2 AM to find Grandma Beth sleeping in the recliner with Jacinta.

After sleeping in we spent the next few hours opening gifts on Christmas Day. Decoy, our yellow lab, was able to sneak in the house and eat a whole plate of Christmas Cookies. The story line of the dogs continued as Charley, Aunt Debs new dog, ate our computer keyboard. So between Charley and Decoy there was not much eating Christmas Cookies nor much computing going on.

We followed up the day after Christmas by going sledding and then that evening Steve, Carrie, Denver, Greeley and Malachi went to see Avatar. The movie was really neat, the best 3D we've ever seen, though the plot was very left leaning. Wonderful Saintly Aliens against evil Humans.